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Beyond Batteries Lithium Battery Charger 20A - 12V LiFePO4

Beyond Batteries Lithium Battery Charger 20A - 12V LiFePO4

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- Beyond Batteries 20A Charger
- Suitable for charging 12V LiFePO4 & Lithium Batteries
- Faster Charging - Fully charges a 100Ah battery in 5 hours!

- Multiple safety features

This 20 Amp Charger is specifically designed for charging 12 Volt, LiFePO4 and Lithium batteries. All lithium batteries require a charging mode of "CC/CV" which means constant current / constant voltage, this allows the charging to happen much quicker than traditional chargers.

The charger is fitted with M8 eyelet terminal connections for the battery.
The battery is powered through a standard UK 3 pin plug and connects to the charger with a "kettle" style lead.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Built-in microcontroller
Synchronous rectification
LLC resonance

Our chargers are for internal use only, they can be used wherever a RCD connection is present, which all modern UK and European regulations align with. The charger can also be fitted to a motorhome, camper van or boat and can be permanently connected to the battery, this can then be linked to the shore power / electrical hook-up to charge the batteries automatically whilst the connection is present.