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Beyond Batteries Gen-R6 - Mobile Rugged Power Station - 6Kw

Beyond Batteries Gen-R6 - Mobile Rugged Power Station - 6Kw

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The Gen-R6 Mobile Rugged Power Station - 6Kw

Designed and built by Beyond Batteries in the UK for businesses globally
The Gen-R6 is a battery based, rugged wheely truck, that is adaptable, expandable and can be tailored to the needs of individual uses.

As Standard - The Gen-R6 comes with:

  • Fully Aluminium tough case
  • 460Ah - 12V Beyond Batteries HD cell pack
  • Bluetooth monitoring via the App
  • Detachable wheels and handle for security
  • Power socket outlet / input
  • Victron Solar charge controller
  • MC4 Input/Output
  • Anderson Connectors for 50A continuous use
  • LCD external monitor for quick power level checks
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • IP65 rating

Optional Extras:

  • Solar Panel frame - to mount a panel on to the tough case
  • From 120Wh to 240Wh Solar
  • Super Fast Charger 80A (UK power socket)
  • Inverter for 110V or 230V power output
  • 110V (Yellow) building site outlet
  • Scaffold / Tower mounting for solar panels

Intended uses:

  • Powering building site equipment
  • TV and Film production
  • Environmental monitoring equipment
  • CCTV and camera kit
  • Festivals and events for short term use
  • Traffic management equipment

The Gen-R6 has the ability to expand, adapt and transform to the needs of your business, please get in touch to see how it can be used with your projects.