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Beyond Batteries HD - High Performance Lithium - 460Ah - Smart LiFePO4 Lithium 12V Battery

Beyond Batteries HD - High Performance Lithium - 460Ah - Smart LiFePO4 Lithium 12V Battery

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HD - High Discharge / High Density

- Beyond Batteries 460Ah Lithium Battery
- Can power ALL household appliances!
- HD - 3.2Kw continuous output!
- 460Ah of power in a slimline compact case!
- 250Amp BMS
- Smart Bluetooth monitoring on your smartphone or tablet
- Perfect for Campers / Motorhomes / Boats / Workshops.
- Higher capacity than Lead Acid or AGM  - 4x More power for the size
- Lightweight and small- Just 37kgs and half the size of most AGM
- Fast charging

Dimensions: Width 525mm x Depth 270mm - Height 220mm

Can power ALL Household appliances
With 250amps of continuous output, this little battery can power up to 3200w continuously! The battery can deliver 500amps Peak discharge current for up to 3 seconds, allowing all of the most power hungry household appliances to operate.

Stay in control by monitoring your battery information directly on your mobile phone or tablet. No need for extra dongles, modules or shunts, just open the app to see the battery’s state of charge, how much you have left, how much power is coming back in through solar, wind, engine power or shore power / hook-up.

The highest quality BMS (Battery Management System) ensures protection against over-charging, over discharging, volatile temperature fluctuations and many other variables which could affect the life of the battery. LiFePO4 batteries are chemically the safest Lithium batteries on the market. Our batteries have been tested vigorously to ensure our products are as safe as possible.

37kg - That’s it. AGM batteries of this size are too heavy to manage at over 85kgs.
Comparing an AGM battery of the same physical size you will get:
4X the power! - 3X lighter weight! - 3X longer lifespan!

Our HD batteries have a rated minimum lifespan of 4000 cycles at a depth of discharge of 75%. If you use 75% of your battery every day and recharge it, then it will last for over 10 years! Our batteries have been successfully tested beyond 6500 cycles.

1x BB12-460HDxa Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate 460ah 12.8v Battery
1x Installation guide
2x M8 Stainless steel connection bolts, washers and sprung washers